Who We Are

… my name is orland foster and i am the owner of the domain childrenshouldNOTbeslaves.org.  in November of 2005 the church that i attended planned a missions trip to work on some orphanages in Chennai, India.  i am just a poor man who has worked in blue collar work for most of my life, so the amount of money needed was a problem, but we managed to cut back and i worked extra, and many very generous people donated to me and i was finally able to go on the mission trip.


Orland in village near Chennai, India.

… i had been to Juarez, Mexico and i had seen some real poverty before, but i had never seen poverty like i did in India.  it was there that i realized that although i was just a poor man in the country of my birth, i was very rich on a world scale. while i complained about my $800 a week paycheck, many of the people i met were making less than $2 a day or $14 week.

… there was a man in India that was the main contact for the orphanages who made all of the arrangements for the team who’s personal business was feeding the children in the slums of Chennai.  he was feeding roughly 60 children a meal 6 times a week at a feeding project he had set up, but his true hearts desire was to feed 1,000 children a day.  when he told me that, i knew that i wanted to do whatever it took to make his desire a reality.

… way back when i was 17 yrs old, my father started up an import company that i worked for where i ran the office and acted as a purchasing agent.  in 1983 they sent me to Taipei, Taiwan on my first overseas trip, to purchase samples of products we sold and to conduct meetings with various suppliers, so although we were importing from Taiwan and Korea, i knew and understood the import business and felt that we could start an import company with product from India to raise the funds to feed these children.

… when i returned from India i was fired from my job as Vice President of a large masonry/general contractor so we looked for ways to make ends meet.  we found out that we had a decent amount of equity in the house, so we refinanced our home and we went in to business for ourselves as a fully licensed Class A General Contractor and made plans to travel to India to purchase samples for the import company i wanted to start.  in March of 2006 we traveled to India where our contact made all of our arrangements including booking me to preach 8 times over our two week stay.


Orland and Laura at the Taj Mahal, Agra India 2006

… when we returned we set up New Wind Ministries, Inc. for the purpose of feeding these children.  our construction company started to get busy and so we never really got the import company off of the ground, but over the next two years we started setting up feeding projects until we were able to feed 240 children, 6 days a week, and to provide tutors for their schoolwork.


Kalvai Thurai feeding project, Chennai, India

… in September of 2006 we made a trip to India to register as a legal Charitable Trust in Chennai which gave us some legal rights in India to set up feeding projects and clinics and any other thing designed to help the slum children of Chennai.

charitable trust

… by the end of 2007, business slowed to a crawl and we had to close down the construction company as well as the feeding projects.

… in 2014 i became friend with some people in Pakistan, a school teacher i Karachi who makes $300 a month who uses all her spare money to support the slave children, and a man from Faisalabad who works at helping some of the 10,000 streetchildren in his city.   in November of 2014 i started up a gofundme account to raise money for the slave children and in December we were able to send some money to purchase gifts for the children at Christmas.


… in February of 2015, my school teacher friend told me she had some money left over from the children support and wondered if i would mind if she added her salary to it and used it to pay off the debt of a whole family.  i was very excited to hear this was possible. of course i said yes, and a new project was started.  over the course of the next year we were able, thanks to some generous donors, we were able to pay off the debts of 7 families, resulting in the freedom of over 30 people, as well as pay for some very needed operations for some of the ex-slaves.

… that is who i am – a servant to slaves.  this is my heartbeat.

… no child should ever be a slave, let alone be born a slave and die a slave.  this is my mission in life, to free as many slaves as is possible.

… thank you for your time.