The Family Hakim Masih

The next family we are working to free is a family of 20, consisting of Hakim Masih, 78 yrs old, his wife and the families of their 3 sons, Rashid, Zulfiqar, and Jameel.

Patriarch Hakim Hasih & Musarata Bibi
Middle son Zulfiqar Masih, Abida /Zulifiqar
and their 3 children
Eldest son Rashid Masih, Sakeena Rashid
and their 6 children
Youngest son Jameel Masih, Noreen Jameel
and their 3 children

One of the ladies is currently suffering from tuberculosis and has lost 30kg (66 lbs) in weight over the last 5 months time, so the need is urgent.

We currently need another $800 for this 4 generation family of 20.

This will include:

  • paying off the debt
  • renting houses for 3 families
  • getting items needed for enrolling all children in school
    • uniforms
    • books
    • id (in many cases)
    • enrollment fees
  • establish 3 individual businesses
    • a business usually consists of;
      • vegetable cart
      • fish cart
      • sewing machine
    • and stock for whichever business is best suited
  • additional items;
    • lab testing costs for TB
    • TB treatments

From the eldest to the youngest, they are all currently bonded slaves working in a brick yard.

These people have been making bricks for decades for little to no pay because a distant relative needed to borrow some money.

This is our next family we want to set free. You can help by donation through these links;

The original debt was just 2 Rs PKR – or less than $ .50 USD in 1960, and it is now over $470.

We appreciate all you do to help us help those in great need.

And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.

Titus 3:14

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