The Family Hakim Masih

Follow The next family we are working to free is a family of 20, consisting of Hakim Masih, 78 yrs old, his wife and the families of their 3 sons, Rashid, Zulfiqar, and Jameel. One of the ladies is currently suffering from tuberculosis and has lost 30kg (66 lbs)...


80 years ago, a man borrowed $.01

Follow 80 years ago, a man borrowed $.01 from a rich man.  The terms of the loan was that the man and his family would become slaves until the debt was paid off.  Now, 80 years later, the great-great grandchildren of this man are still working to pay off...


Christmas Blessing with

Follow To end our 2017 year, our dear friend an school teacher in Pakistan, arranged to have a nice program with a full meal for over 600 people from over 140 families.  The slaves are not allowed to leave the slave masters property, so our sister made all the...