First 23 People We Helped Free in 2018- one family

.. on the 9th of January, i received a message from my dear school teacher friend in Pakisan, that said she had identified a family of 23 people, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation slaves that could be set free for $830.

… when we set a family free, we rent them a house, purchase food and clothing, get the children enrolled in a school, and help establish a small business for the husband – usually a fruit, vegetable, or fish cart.

.. in this case, the family is actually 3 brothers and their families, so we would need to rent and set up 3 houses.  we were able to pay off the family debt of $550, rent the 3 houses, and basically establish these three families for another $280.  the children are now enrolled in school.



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