Blanket give-away

In January our teacher friend made a visit to the slaves and found children who were sleeping under old bags in the cold weather.  This caused her great concern as the temperatures have been quite cool and an old bag is no substitute for a warm blanket.

There is a family of 12 that she has been saving for, to set them free, and had a sum of money left from this last holiday give-away –Christmas time blessing for that purpose.  She contacted me to ask what we felt she should do.  We suggested that she use the money she had saved to free a slave family to purchase blankets now, and wait for the LORD to provide the funds to free the other family.

This is a small video of some of the pictures taken that day.

We were also able to send the money to pay off the family of 12’s debt, and are awaiting word that they have been freed as well!

If you want to share with the slave children, or if you would like to pay off a family’s debt, please join us!


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